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Massage Therapy

Why is

Massage Therapy an Important Part of Your Musculoskeletal Health?

Many of our patients also get massage therapy to optimize our treatment and to help expedite recovery. Massage therapy focuses on the muscles, as well as some soft tissues of the body. Chiropractic care focuses on the body parts that need rehabilitation to improve strength for them to work properly. One similar aspect is that they both use massage. A massage therapist utilizes different kinds of massage but he or she won’t use any extra medicines that physical therapists would use for injuries.
Massage therapy affects the muscle tissues at a cellular level. Studies show there are differences in an unmassaged and massaged leg post exercise. Massaged legs had an increase in a gene that helps muscles build mitochondria. The same leg also had less of a protein that promotes inflammation. This type of study shows that massage therapy, when integrated into chiropractic care, can also help with inflammation, that is often seen after exercise, and promote faster healing.
Musculoskeletal pain, such as neck and back pain, can be a challenge to address. Many times, the pain needs to be endured in order to regain strength and balance or even create new functional movement patterns. When you combine the chiropractic care with massage therapy, it can help lower pain perception and increase the current pain threshold. It is also a stress reliever and can calm the mind. Massages help patients establish slower breathing patterns and also help create better body awareness in areas related to injury or pain. These benefits are also carried into other aspects of daily living.
You don’t have to be undergoing chiropractic care to get massages regularly and have the benefits of massage therapy. Regular massage therapy may keep you out of pain.

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